Solera Audatex Launches Image Capture Solution in Record Time


Custom, digital process is fast and easy for customers to use, and allows for continuous support of new policy approvals and renewals without requiring physical interaction.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, JUNE 2020: Solera Audatex (Audatex FZ LLC), part of Solera Holdings, Inc., a global leader in risk and asset management data and software solutions for the insurance and automotive industries, today announces the rapid implementation of Audatex Image Capture for use in claims underwriting for AXA, one of the leading global insurers in the region.

AXA in the Gulf has been in partnership with Solera Audatex in the UAE for multiple years. Given the current conditions of the industry brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, AXA sought an innovative and safe way to simplify and speed up the underwriting process for their customers without requiring physical interaction.

Audatex Image Capture is an intelligent web application delivering smart images that gives the insurer valuable insight into a customer’s vehicle condition without requiring the customer or assessor to travel. In the current era of social distancing and continued government regulations encouraging people to stay home, this digital solution is saving time, improving efficiency and keeping people safe.

In just a few short hours from request to delivery, the Solera Audatex team created and launched a bespoke, fast, digital process to support AXA’s underwriting needs, using Image Capture. This included testing and training of the AXA claims team.

Here’s how the solution works to support the underwriting process for AXA:

  • Image Capture sends a message to the customer and thanks them for interest in buying Motor Insurance. The same message also instructs them to click on a link to a customized AXA portal.
  • The customer is then guided through an intuitive, step-by-step process to capture all required images for a new policy or renewal, with no app download required.
  • AXA receives the images immediately in high quality and is able to record the existing condition and details of the vehicle required to provide accurate quotation.

The Image Capture direct messaging process outlined above, which was already in use for AXA’s motor claims processing in the UAE, has a 70% success rate with customer participation.

“Safeguarding the health, safety and protection of our customers is our utmost priority. As such, at AXA we are glad to have a smooth and efficient digital solution readily available to meet the growing demands of car insurance as more and more people begin using personal vehicles versus public transportation in the coming weeks. We appreciate the quick response from Solera Audatex in getting this process moving quickly, which will help us meet the market need from customers,” said Stefan Schrey, Head of Claims at AXA Gulf.

AXA has been a multi-national partner with Solera since 2006, working with the company in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Mexico, UK, Poland, Ukraine, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, Italy, GCC, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Greece. They are also co-shareholders of another Solera business unit in France, Sidexa.

“We’re happy to partner with AXA to quickly provide them with the right solution to help them overcome the unforeseen challenges brought on by this pandemic,” said Arnaud Agostini, Regional Managing Director, Solera Middle East. “Image Capture brings a whole range of benefits to both insurers and their customers, providing a fully digital solution to save valuable time and ensure continuous operations while enhancing the overall customer experience.”

Image Capture also enables bodyshops to send their customers a customisable SMS request for images of their vehicle’s condition and damage, via their smartphone. Upon return of images from the customer, the bodyshop receives an email notification and can instantly access the images provided to begin triage immediately with increased accuracy. Using the additional images provided, bodyshops can begin the damage estimation process, gain early repair authorisation and pre-order required parts, all before the vehicle has arrived on site, reducing key-to-key times and improving customer experience and satisfaction.

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