BioID and Digidentity Collaborate to Offer a Completely Automated Identity Proofing Process

BioID liveness detection automates Digidentity’s identity proofing for British government service GOV.UK Verify

Nuremberg, Germany and The Hague, Netherlands – June 17th, 2020 – German biometrics company BioID and Dutch identity provider Digidentity, part of Solera Holdings, Inc., collaborate to offer a completely automated identity proofing process to the British government. Digidentity delivers state-of-the-art, certified identity solutions with high levels of assurance complying with eIDAS, KYC and AML regulations. For fraud prevention and automation, these are supported by the anti-spoofing liveness detection technologies from long-term partner BioID.

As a certified identity proofing service provider, Digidentity verifies over 20 million identities and their technology processes more than 300 million authentications a year. Offering remote identity verification for GOV.UK Verify, Digidentity enables the British public to access a wide range of governmental services online. Among other security features, facial recognition and biometric liveness detection by BioID are used for verifying the ID ownership and deterring fraud by presentation attacks. When validating identity online, a crucial and mandatory element to preventing identity fraud is to make sure the physical and digital person are genuinely connected. Digidentity’s trusted solutions streamline the process in real-time making human intervention unnecessary in most cases.

Scaling GOV.UK Verify identity proofing during COVID-19

COVID-19 has boosted the growing need of an autonomous solution to replace physical face-to-face governmental services. To maintain public administration, remote identity verification with high levels of assurance is required for a huge number of users. Within a few weeks only, Digidentity was able to scale up its service and now can onboard more

than 400 UK identities per minute. BioID’s technology powered by its patented liveness detection allows for a fast and accurate service that can be accessed easily from any device within seconds. It only requires two selfies and an ID photo either retrieved via NFC technology, or captured using the mobile camera, to check the user’s presence in real-time and prevent identity fraud.

Next Level eIDAS, KYC & AML regulatory compliance

Trust and security do not stop at on-boarding. As a certified Trust Service Provider (TSP), Digidentity offers a full range of digital identity services that are compliant with a variety of regulations such as KYC, 5AMLD and eIDAS. BioID’s integration brings the service to the next level by means of a frictionless, automated user journey throughout the entire identity lifecycle.

Marcel Wendt, CTO of Digidentity: “We are proud to partner with BioID in supporting GOV.UK Verify during this unprecedented situation in completing critical remote identity verification. We offer organisations an easy and secure way to verify their users. Part of the verification is the ‘selfie check’ where we check if the selfie sent to us is the same as the photo on the chip of the ID document. By working together with BioID, we can further automate this process, providing a face-to-face level of assurance with liveness detection and making sure the person on the other side is really who they say they are with facial recognition.”

About BioID

BioID offers liveness detection, facial authentication & identity verification as a Service. With 20 years of experience its special focus is on biometric anti-spoofing Made in Germany. In line with this, the company’s facial authentication service offers data privacy and security by design. BioID is guided by the vision to enable software based biometric verification – with any device, for any application. The privately held company with R&D based in Germany has proven its technology through many years of use at enterprises, banks and government organizations.

About Digidentity

Digidentity is a global online identity verification company, combining smooth usability with government-grade security. Digidentity is part of Solera Holdings, Inc., a global leader in risk and asset management data and software solutions for the insurance and

automotive industries. Last year alone, Digidentity’s technology processed over 300 million authentications and protected the digital identity of more than 20 million people globally.  It makes online identification easier, quicker, and more secure. We enable safe digital communication between individuals and government – both in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands – and are continuously developing new and improved services. Our rigorous approach to privacy and security means that not even Digidentity employees will be able to access your data.