Solera University

Access all your Audatex training content and certification records in one place

Your online training materials available anytime anywhere

The Solera University not only allows you to book and review your upcoming Audatex training courses, but you can also access your past training certification history. Download your training certificates and see upcoming event details, in an easy to use online portal.

Solera training has a variety of face-to-face and online courses available:

AudaNet 2-Day Classroom Certification Sessions

A 2-day, in-person classroom style training program is offered in major cities. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate of proficiency, demonstrating their mastery of the subject matter.

AudaNet Online Re-Certification Session – Coming Soon!

This course is being developed for those who have completed the AudaNet 2-Day Classroom Certification training and require a refresher or an updated Audatex Certification to be used as proof of competency in the use of the AudaNet platform.


  • All your Audatex training records in one place
  • Download and store a copy of your training certificates
  • Monitor your learning progress using our progress tracker feature
  • Schedule training courses with the easy-to-use calendar feature
  • View all available courses and course details using our course catalogue
  • Available on all devices

How to register with Solera University Guide

We understand that registering to a new platform for the first time can be a little confusing.
So we have put together a help guide to guide you through every step and get you started on your journey in no time!