Future-Proofing Technologies and Use Cases

This past spring, the Solera leadership team hosted two global webinars, COVID-19: What’s Now and What’s Next and What’s Next: A Deeper Dive into Digital Transformation, discussing the future of the industry. Attendees had an opportunity to participate in a Q&A session following the webinar, and today we’re highlighting some of the questions raised.

How is Solera future-proofing technologies regarding changes in materials? What is the company doing to ensure solutions remain relevant and on point?

Leveraging the power of our repair science alongside data science is part of our future-proofing. Our approach ensures we are continuously training our solutions on the latest vehicles that come out with new technologies and unique modifications that we’ve never seen before. As a key aspect of our strategic approach to the modern claims workflow (and as part of our implementation into our customers) we have embedded a feedback loop that will continuously learn from new data coming in to the system. So, not only do we internally detect that there are things we need to look at and train further, but our customers also help us to continually learn.

As soon as we get new information, we feed it into the machine. We look at outputs and compare them to original estimates. What changed during the repair cycle? Why were the supplementaries issued? What was missed by either the system or the human? And we continue to loop and teach the machine.

What are the next use cases Solera will bring forward?

We’ve identified approximately 70 different use cases that are examples of digitalization of the claims workflow. They range from a pre-inspection prior to a claim being underwritten by the insurer to check the condition of the car, all the way through to the end of the process, during authorization and parts buying to ensure the body shop can conduct the repairs.

We’re currently focusing on our core—FNOL and estimatics—and we will build on those by bringing iterative use cases to the market. We’ve already worked it through into our solutions, and it’s going to be part of a pre-integrated approach, so we won’t ask customers to go away and build new solutions that integrate with our technology. Our strategic approach delivers value on day one.

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